Australian Lebanese Independent Forum

Who We Are

ALIF is an incorporated association registered in NSW – Australia. It is a forum for the cultivation of a new awareness, nurturing of discussions, and providing solutions for a civic, democratic, diverse, economically prosperous, and sectarian-free Lebanon. It is also a community of Australian Lebanese who are united by their love of Australia and Lebanon.

 Its membership is limited to Australian-Lebanese (citizens and residents) who share in the principles, objectives, and aims of ALIF. However, it aims to work closely with like-minded Lebanese expatriates from around the world.

ALIF evolved out of ALUM. ALUM, Australian Lebanese United Movement, arose as a result of the spontaneous popular demonstrations that took place in Australia in support of a popular uprising that was launched in Lebanon, under the slogan “Everyone means everyone” on October 17, 2019, against all the political class that has ruled the country since the Taif Accord.

The first demonstration was in Martin Place with a large number of Australian Lebanese. The initial group called for the end of sectarian politics in Lebanon, the departure of the political class, the return of the money they stole and the trial of any found guilty of stealing from the Lebanese people. The group also insisted on peaceful change and no foreign intervention. Then came the Opera House demonstrations in parallel to similar demonstrations at iconic landmarks across the world (Lebanese demonstration at the Eiffel Tower, Paris) with over 20,000 demonstrators.

In the subsequent months, several members of ALUM got together, invited other like-minded individuals, and formed a steering committee to take ALUM through to the next phase of its evolution from being an echo of the events unfolding in Lebanon to an active participant in the change that all Lebanese hope for in Lebanon and abroad. ALIF was born.

ALIF is convinced that the current political class abused sectarian concerns and exploited the sectarian distribution of power. They turned it into a political and financial allocation that secured illegitimate benefits to the beneficiaries of that political class and their partners, families and supporters at the expense of the state and other citizens. This brought on economic collapse and opened Lebanon to all kinds of regional and international conflicts leading to the October 17 uprising. Therefore, the salvation of Lebanon is to hold those found to be corrupt accountable, recover the stolen money, and carry out the necessary political, educational, judicial, social and economic reforms, leading to the establishment of a just, democratic, civil state

ALIF believes in Lebanon with its current borders as a final and permanent national home for its citizens. 

ALIF believes in a state that is impartial towards issues related to religion and treats all of its citizens equally regardless of their religious affiliation, protects freedoms, is free from corruption and quotas, protects the country from external aggressions and interferences, and any internal attempts at undermining its sovereignty. 

ALIF believes it has become imperative to rethink and re-evaluate, among others: the law regulating political parties, parliamentary electoral law, personal status law, the independence of the judiciary, particularly in terms of activating the Constitutional Council and preserving its independence, administrative law, particularly in terms of activating and protecting the role of Central Inspection and accountability, and finally working to develop policies on good governance, economy, health, education, environment, social welfare, etc.

ALIF will develop these through consultation and dialogue within the Lebanese community in Australia and around the world

ALIF aims to capitalize on the experience, expertise, and commitment of Lebanese expatriates to initiate and catalyze change in Lebanon towards a sectarian-free, corrupt-free, civic, diverse, and democratic Lebanon by supporting like-minded efforts in Lebanon and among the Lebanese diaspora.

ALIF aims to raise awareness among the Lebanese diaspora in Australia and abroad of their rich cultural, spiritual, historical, political, and national heritage and its enduring values of tolerance, respect, acceptance of diversity (religious, political, gender, cultural, ethnic, and, linguistic) mutual understanding, empathy, co-existence, democratic values, and civic participation.

The association is committed to long term sustainable change in the political culture and function of the Lebanese state and civil institutions. The decades of corruption and sectarian policies have produced an unhealthy political culture and practice that requires diligent, careful, sensitive and long term commitment.
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All Australians (citizens and residents) of Lebanese background are welcome to become members regardless of race, gender, age, religion, sect, or ethnicity.
ALIF is not affiliated with any particular movement, association, organization, state, or person inside or outside of Australia.

The association aims to achieve its goals through dialogue by hosting speakers, organizing events, workshops, and seminars, and collaborating with other like-minded groups in Australia and among the Lebanese diaspora around the world.

The association is also committed to the nurturing of a sense of community among Australian Lebanese through the organization of social events, family outings, and community activities.